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July 29, 2010: At the end of EVERY month there will be a tournament! So purchase your tickets at the Point Store! You may buy for either RP or Gold! Win Amazing Prizes!
July 27, 2010: The first 10 players to join will recieve an award! So invite!!!
June 26, 2010: Continent Wars has started!
July 30, 2010: UPDATE! Your luck is changed into a bar that shows you as either being a Hero or Villian!

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Name: Troy Lvl.7
Class/Race: Human/Warrior
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PostSubject: Troy   Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:25 am

Age: 23
Class: Warrior
Race: Human
Description: Troy is a man born of noble blood, he has short brown hair, is kind hearted, and of good courage.
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